Volume & Issue: Volume 52, Issue 3, July 2019 
Radiological hazards of TENORM contaminated soil at Oil and Gas Fields

Pages 16-24

Yasser Ahmed; Randa Mahmoud; MOhamed Reda Ezz El-Din; Mostafa Khalil

Modeling of Passive Safety Thermosyphon Loops Cooling System for Nuclear Applications

Pages 25-33

Mohamad Salem; Hesham Hasaneen Elkhatib; Mohamed Abdelmoneam Gaheen; Said Hussien Zoalfakar

Therapeutic Role of Curcumin Loaded Magnetic Nanoparticles Against Gamma-Irradiation Hazards in Rats

Pages 64-73

Hussein Ali Abdelmaksoud; Samy Ali Hussein; Hisham Mounir Saleh; Walaa Hassanin; Eman Ibrahim Sobeh

Extraction of Some Rare Earth Elements (La, Pr and Er) from Citrate Medium Using D2EHPA in kerosene.

Pages 74-85

Elsayed Mustafa; Zeinab Hasanien; Yasser El-Nadi; Saad M. Abdelwahabb; Hisham Fouad Aly

Formation of Porous Nanostructure Cobalt Oxide Electrodeposits on Stainless Steel 304 Surface Used as Solar Absorber

Pages 169-180

Ahmed Mohamed Raslan; Moataz Mohamed Nabile; Abdel Aziz Fahmy Waheed; Randa Abdel Karim Mohamed