Volume & Issue: Volume 52, Issue 2, April 2019, Pages 1-226 
Mechanical and gamma ray attenuation properties of N316L steel treated by rf plasma as a nuclear material

Pages 7-12

Aly Saeed; M. Eissa; F. El-Hossary2; Samir EL-Kameesy; Al-Zahraa Abd Elmoula; samah Al-Shelkamy

Long-term and flares variability of Fermi LAT FSRQ 4C +21.35

Pages 54-61

Mohamed Hashad; Yasser Abdou; Ibrahim Bounduok; Hussein Badraan

Computer-Aided Detection System for Breast Cancer Based on GMM and SVM

Pages 142-150

Amany Abdel Aziz Arafa; Nesma El-Sokary; Ahmed Asad; Hesham Hefny