Volume & Issue: Volume 52, Issue 4, October 2019 
Chemical, Technological and Biological Evaluation of Mulberry and Persimmon Leaves

Pages 45-63

Mohamed Abdelaleem; Hanan Mohamed Abdo Al-Sayed; Haiam Omar Elkatry

Impact of Oocyte Morphology on Fertilization, Embryo Quality and Pregnancy after ICSI: Evaluation with Diabetes and PCOS

Pages 110-118

Nehal Ali Abu-Elnaga; Amira Badereldin Abdel Ghany; Hanan Mohamed Gabr Youssef; Serag-Eldin Mansour Mahmoud; Amira Salim Abd El-Khalek Salim

Effect of Gamma irradiation on the nanofree volume and electrical properties of PVA/PEG/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites

Pages 175-189

Dina Abdelmaqsoud; Mona Mohsen; Ashry Hassan; Ahmed M Ismail; Kamal R Mahmoud; Fatma El sayed

Environmental Radioactivity of Radon and its Hazards in Hamash Gold Mine, Egypt

Pages 190-196

Gehad Mohamed Saleh; Hesham Ahmed Yousef; Mohamed El-Sayed Mitwalli; Ali H. El farrash