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Special Issue: Proceedings of the 10th African Conference on Research Reactor Safety, Operation and Utilization, Cairo, Egypt, 27 – 29 November 2022, organized by the IAEA in cooperation with the EAEA.


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The Arab Journal of Nuclear Sciences and Applications is a scientific periodical published by the Egyptian Society of Nuclear Sciences and Applications (ESNSA). The journal publishes a variety of scientific works related to atomic and nuclear sciences and their peaceful applications. The journal is a quarterly periodical issued in January, April, July and October. Special issues may be dedicated to scientific conferences and seminars. All papers are published after careful reviewing by reputed specialists. The journal provides high quality copyediting and production services. Current issues as well as previous issues (since 2012) are also accessable on :

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Current Issue: Volume 56, Issue 3, April 2023, Pages 1-174 

Gene Expression Analysis in Male Rat Exposure to Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles

Pages 17-26

sanaa hagag; shimaa ghareeb; Didair Ragheb; mohamed bassem ashour; Ali Elsheikh

Modulatory impact of Ebselen against Diethylnitrosamine initiated Hepatocarcinogenesis in rats.

Pages 41-52

Noura Mahmoud Marrouf Arafa; Eman Ibrahim Kandil; Doaa mohamed Ibrahim; Ahmed Shafik Nada; Nour El Din Amin Mohammed


Pages 53-74

Mohamed El Shazly; Abbas Mansour; Mohamed Rushdy Osman; Farrage Mohammad Khaleal

Gamma Radiation Absorption Of (Al ,Cu, Pb) Alloys

Pages 75-80

Laith A Najam; Karam Myaser abd al aziz; Mahmood Ahmad Hamood

Radioiodination, and Biological Assessment of Olsalazine, as a Highly Selective Radiotracer for Ulcerative Colitis Imaging in Mice

Pages 105-120

Mahmoud H Sanad; Fawzy Abdel Megeed Marzook; Safaa Bekheet Challan; Heba Mahmoud Essam; Ayman B. Farag

An insight on using in-vivo diode dosimetry to verify the delivered ‎doses during radiotherapy

Pages 121-128

Jamal M. AL-Shareef; Reem Hassan Elgebaly; Ehab Attalla; Nashaat Ahmed Deiab; Dalal M. Aqmar; Mohamed Fathy

Evaluation of gamma ray attenuation properties of normal concrete with some nano materials using Monte Carlo simulation and experimental measurements.

Pages 129-144

Rsaha A Elsadany; Rasha Ahmad Elsadany; Sherif Hessen Al-Tersawy; Khaled Aly Metwaly; Wael Abdelmonem Elgammal

Possible Quasi-periodic Oscillation in the Distant γ-Ray Blazar PKS 0454–234

Pages 155-165

Yasser Abdou; Mohamed Hashad; Ibrahim Boundok; Amr El-Zant

Preparation and Stabilization of Monoclinic Zirconia by Yttria through Mechanical Alloying

Pages 166-174

wagih s eldesouky; Ahmed Abd El_Kareem; hussein mohamed abd el-aziz; eisa salem mosa