Metabolomics Profiling of Chilled (Coriandrum sativum L.) Primed by Silicate, Humic acid and Gamma Radiation

Document Type : Original Article


1 Emeritus professor in Natural product department, plant physiology lab., national center for radiation research and technology

2 botany department, Faculty of science, Ain Shams university


‎Abstract: Chilling escape strategy using safe growth bio stimulators viz., is the aim of this work. ‎Dry coriander seeds were primed ‎ in humic acid (50 mg. l-1), potassium silicates (80 ‎mM) or irradiated by γ-rays (50 Gy) before priming in tap water, then all previous ‎treatments were incubated for 16 h at 6ºC ±0.5. The results revealed that priming ‎techniques enhanced morphological characteristics and metabolomics. Nitrogenous ‎constituents, polyamines, and elements increased nutritional values in chilled or non-‎chilled coriander plants. While saturated fatty acids decreased in chilled coriander, the ‎unsaturated fatty acids and unsat/sat ratios increased in chilled and primed plants. ‎Also, the data obtained showed fluctuations within quantities of 43 volatile ‎compounds. volatile oil separated using a GC mass spectrometer either increased, ‎decreased, disappeared, or newly appeared under chilling. Thus, the recommendation ‎is priming coriander seeds before planting is a powerful technique that renders ‎fortification and tolerance to repair physiological damages under chilling.‎