Volume & Issue: Volume 53, Issue 1, January 2020, Pages 1-251 
Quantification of Various Factors Influencing Repeatability and Reproducibility of TLD-600 Detector

Pages 58-66

Abdelhamid Omran Elsheikh; Arafa Abd El-Hafez; Mona Moustafa Ahmed; Yassin Abdul-Azim Abdul-Razek; Mohamed Elsayed El-Nagdy

Reduction of some extra-articular complications associated with arthritis development in rats by low dose γ-irradiation

Pages 172-181

Habiba Abd El-wahab Abd El-fatah; Magda kamal Ezz; Hanan Ahmed El-kabany; sawsan Mohammed ElSonbaty

Detection of Radon, Radon Daughters and Thoron Daughters in Abu Tartur open pit Phosphate Mine, Egypt

Pages 182-190

Mohamed Hassan Dallal; Ibrahim Eid Hassan; Nadia Lotfy Helal; Rizk Abd El-Moneim Rizk; Mohamed Ibrahim Hussain

Plasma Current Sheath Dynamics and Energy Dissipation in a Low-Energy Plasma Focus Device

Pages 222-233

Ahmed Lashin; Tarek M. Allam; Kamal M. Ahmed; Hanaa A. Elsayed; Sayed A. Ward; Mohamed Anwar; Hanaa M. Soliman