Volume & Issue: Volume 53, Issue 2, April 2020, Pages 1-250 
Study of interleukin-18 ( IL18 ) and high sensitive C - reactive protein ( CRP ) in type 2 diabetes ( T2D ) with or without obesity

Pages 36-45

Wahiba Ahmad Kamel; walaa fahmy elbaz; Azza abdullatif Emam; Amany mohammed Abdullah; abeer elnaggar

Therapeutic Role of Folic Acid Loaded Magnetic Nanoparticles Against Gamma-Irradiation Hazards in Rats

Pages 68-77

Eman Ibrahim Sobeh; Sami Hussein; Hussein Abdelmaksod; Hisham Mounir Saleh; Walaa Fekry Hassanin

The Effect of Simple Vertical Fraction on Diffusion Equation with Deposition

Pages 87-97

khaled Essa; Ahmed Sayed Shalaby; Ahmed Metwelly Mosallem; Ayman Ali Khalifa

Ionizing Radiation effect on Teucrium polium: Phytochemical Contents antioxidant and antibacterial Activity

Pages 98-110

sawsan mohammed Elsonbaty; Noaman Eltahawy; seif mamdouh al-dmour; sadia Easa; haithym Qaralleh

Production of Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) from Streptomyces Incanus and the Effect of Gamma Irradiation on its Production

Pages 111-117

Samar Abdelfattah Rezk; Doaa Abd El-Moneam Emam; Hesham Mahmoud Swailam; Mahmoud Abdelmohsen Swelim

Search for GKK decays to pair of muons at 14 TeV

Pages 144-147

Ahmed Ali Abdelalim; Rasha Elkholy; Amin Fahim Hassan

Evaluation of gamma rays shielding competence for bentonite clay /PVA polymer matrix using MCNPX code

Pages 177-188

fawzy hammad sallam; Ibrahim Zaki Hager; Yasser saad Rammah; Hosam Ahmed Othman; Eman Mohamed Ibrahim; sayed Fahmy Hassan; Zakaria Ahmed