Volume & Issue: Volume 53, Issue 3, July 2020, Pages 1-290 
Using Ultraviolet-A radiation and antifungals for treatment of dermatophytes isolated from cattle and farm workers

Pages 129-139

Madeha Abd El-halim Ibrahim; Eman Diasty; Ghada Kamal El-Khalafawy; Mariam Halem Youssef; Mariam Halem Youssef

Determination of Uranium Isotopic Ratios by Alpha Spectrometry for Nuclear Materials Control Purposes

Pages 155-161

Raed Moustafa Abdelgaber Abouzeid; Abd Elhakim Taha Kandil; Hany Ibrahim Khedr; Ahmed Mohamed Tharwat El-Sharkawy; Omnia Ibrahim Mohamed Ali

Spectroscopic Analysis of Irradiated Natural Quartz and ESR dating aspects

Pages 197-209

Ahmed Mohamed Rashad; Abd ElEattah Ibrahim Helal; Gamal Ahmed; Said Kassem; Ramy Fahim; Sayed Salem; Seif El-Din Mohamed; Ahmed Gamal

Investigation of Some Elements Concentrations and Distribution in Body parts and Organs of Japanese Quail Cotornix japonica

Pages 222-236

Walaa Fekry Hassanin; Saad Ahmed Abdelaal; Abdelwahab Mohamed Abdelhady; Adel Mohamed Abutaleb