Volume & Issue: Volume 55, Issue 4, October 2022, Pages 1-204 
Effect of Methyl Cellulose "MC" on some physical properties of Nickel Magnesium Ferrite - MC nanocomposite.

Pages 16-28

Maha Mostafa; Oday Saleh; Mohamed El-Shahawy; Ryad Ghazy; Osama Hemeda; Samir Abd El-Kareem; Ali Dorgham

Characterization of some synthesis irradiated and non-irradiated Sorbent materials

Pages 45-56

Omar Salah Khlifa; Hassan Hamza Abbas; Magdy ahmed Rizk; Mostafa Abdelaziz Ali Mohamed; Mohamed Ali Abdelsalam; Maha mohamed Ali; ibrahim ahmed mousa; Mamdouh Fathy Abdelsabour

Improvement of Citric Acid Production by Gamma Radiated Aspergillus niger Using Cane Molasses

Pages 67-78

Abeer Ahmed Khattab; Doaa Abdelmoneim Emam; Mahmoud Swelim; Mahmoud Moustafa Amer; Amira Sehim; Ahmed Abdelkhalk Salem

Radioelements Potentiality Around Gabel Nugrus Area, South Eastern Desert, Egypt: Geological and Mineralogical Implications

Pages 92-108

Ibrahim Abdelnagy Salem; gehad saleh; Mohamed Salem Kamar; Ahmed Ragab Hamad; Mohamed Abd El Monsef

Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring Using High Resolution Gamma-ray Spectrometer for Lake Manzala in Egypt

Pages 139-149

Mohamed Mitwalli; Cristian DULAMA; Mohammed SALLAH; Dumitru CHIRLEŞAN; Ali H. EL-FARRASH