Volume & Issue: Volume 55, Issue 3, July 2022, Pages 1-149 
Decommissioning Plan and Cost Estimation of TRICOII Research Reactor

Pages 10-20

Heritier Beya Tshitenge; Rowayda Fayez Mahmoud; Ahmed Emad El-Din El-Saghir; Alya Adel Badawi; Mohamed K Shaat

Evaluation of the Efficiency of the Hydrophobic Surface Treatment for Bricks Using Neutron Imaging

Pages 33-40

Essam Hammad; Abdelghany Ali El Abd; Mohamed Helmy Taman; Sergey Yevenjevich Kiсhanov; K M Nazarof

The Possible Impact of Spirulina and Chlorella on some Hematological and Biochemical Aspects in Irradiated Rats

Pages 130-137

Nahed Abdel-Aziz; Ahmad Badawy; Ahmad El-Gamal; Ehab El-Belely; Aly Hammad; Abeer Zakria

Physiological Parameters and Drought Tolerance in some F4 Promising-Glaucousness Families of Bread Wheat

Pages 138-149

Khaled Fouad Al-Azab; Ahmed M Elnaggar; Abd El-Samad Mahmoud Younis; Mohammed Ayaad; Ibrahim Osamy Hassan; Mohamed Ahmed Elsayed Basyouny