Volume & Issue: Volume 54, Issue 3, July 2021, Pages 1-134 
The Influence of Hemispheric Solar Activity Features on the Interplanetary Plasma Parameters throughout 1967 ̶ 2017

Pages 15-25

Amr M El-Taher; Mohammad El-Borie; Ahmed Bishara; Amr Thabit; Hudamnallah zoheir

Isotopic Inventory and Activity Calculations of Fukushima Daiichi Unit-1 Accident

Pages 26-33

Rowayda Fayez Mahmoud; Mohamed Moustafa Abdu; Mohamed Shaat

DNA Damage Detection after Chronic Exposure and Radio-adaptive Response of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)

Pages 34-45

Seham Mohammed El-Marakby; Mahmoud H. Abdelgawad; misara magdy awd; Khairy M. Eraba; Omar Sayed Desouky

The possible hypo-lipidemic effect of aqueous extract of gamma-irradiated chard leaves in rats fed high fat diet

Pages 46-54

Ashraf Mohamed Mounir Shaaban; Amro Nagah EL-Shahat; Aly Mohamed Abdel-Azeem

Dimuons in LHC

Pages 63-66

Ahmed Ali Abdelalim; Rasha Elkholy; Amin Fahim Hassan

Characteristics Analysis of Contrast Transfer Images Based on Optoelectronic Integrators

Pages 67-73

Mohamed El Tokhy; Elsayed Hassan Mahdy Ali Emarah; Refaat Mohmaed Fikry