Volume & Issue: Volume 51, Issue 4, October 2018, Pages 1-260 
Radiological Risk Assessment in A Type of Complex Petroleum Refinery in Egypt

Pages 31-43

Islam Mahmoud El-Sayed Ahmed Othman; Ibrahim Hindawy Saleh; Zekry Fahmy Ghatass; Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Metwally

NonBlind Robust 3D Object Watermarking Scheme

Pages 62-71

Nour Ashoub; Ahmed Emran; mohamed Kaloup; Ahmed yahya; Hassan Ibrahim Saleh

Insight on Radiological Risk Assessment and its Statistical Evaluations for Abu Dabbab Albite Granite Mining area, Central Nubian Shield, Egypt

Pages 143-167

Mohamed Tharwat Salah HEIKAL; S. Gomaa; Mohamed Abd El Monsef; A.A. Taha; G. Top; K. Mahmoud; M. El- Mansi

Green synthesis of Spherical Gold Nanoparticles by Chitosan for 6 Mercaptopurine Delivery

Pages 175-180

amna hussein ahmed; Yehia abd elhameed Badr; Samia A. Shouman; Mahmoud A. Sliem

A Study of 226Ra Concentration Ratios for Leafy Vegetables

Pages 221-227

Ahmed El-Sharkawy; Hekmat Elbegawy; Heba Abd El Ghaffar