Selective separation of no carrier added Sc-47 from reactor irradiated Ca using zirconium vanadate gel for nuclear medical applications

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Radioisotope and Generator department production-EAEA


The distribution coefficient values (Kd) of 47Sc(III) ions and 47Ca(II) ions have been determined using different concentrations of HCl or HNO3 solutions on the zirconium vanadate ion exchanger (ZrV) by batch technique and the results refer to the loading of 47Sc from 0.001M HNO3 or 0.01M HCl solution onto the ZrV matrix. Different ratios of acetone solution in different HCl concentrations solutions have been investigated for the suitable elution of the adsorbed Sc-47 on ZrV . Column technique was used for separation of Sc-47 from irradiated Ca target. The elution yield of 47Sc was obtained and found to be 88 ± 4.2% using 60 % acetone-0.2M HCl mixture solution as an eluent for 47Sc with an acceptable purity of radionuclidic and radiochemical (> 99.98±0.001and 99.9±0.09 %, respectively). The Ca2+ ions level in the eluted 47Sc solution was determined and confirmed its validity for the application in labeling of pharmaceutical compounds.