Keywords = Gamma Irradiation
Low-dose gamma radiation controls let -7a and miR-21 in a solid tumor model.

Volume 57, Issue 3, July 2024, Pages 58-65

Asmaa Hassan; somaya A mansour; Azza M. EL-Bahkery

Characterization of some synthesis irradiated and non-irradiated Sorbent materials

Volume 55, Issue 4, October 2022, Pages 45-56

Omar Salah Khlifa; Hassan Hamza Abbas; Magdy ahmed Rizk; Mostafa Abdelaziz Ali Mohamed; Mohamed Ali Abdelsalam; Maha mohamed Ali; ibrahim ahmed mousa; Mamdouh Fathy Abdelsabour

Ionizing Radiation effect on Teucrium polium: Phytochemical Contents antioxidant and antibacterial Activity

Volume 53, Issue 2, April 2020, Pages 98-110

sawsan mohammed Elsonbaty; Noaman Eltahawy; seif mamdouh al-dmour; sadia Easa; haithym Qaralleh

Therapeutic Role of Curcumin Loaded Magnetic Nanoparticles Against Gamma-Irradiation Hazards in Rats

Volume 52, Issue 3, July 2019, Pages 64-73

Hussein Ali Abdelmaksoud; Samy Ali Hussein; Hisham Mounir Saleh; Walaa Hassanin; Eman Ibrahim Sobeh

Studying the Ameliorative Effect of Bee Venom Against Damage and Inflammation Induced in Gamma-Irradiated Rats

Volume 52, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 178-184

Ashraf Mohamed Mounir Shaaban; Refaat Galal Hamza; Amro Nagah El shahat