Author = Khater, Sabah Ibrahim
Bioevaluation of 99mTc-Pipazethate as a potential guide tracer for malignant tumor imaging.

Volume 55, Issue 3, July 2022, Pages 108-117

marwa Refaye; sabah Ibrahim Khater; dina El sharawy

Preparation and Characterization of Chitosan-Stabilized Selenium Nanoparticles for Ameliorating Experimentally Induced Diabetic Nephropathy in Rats

Volume 53, Issue 3, July 2020, Pages 140-148

Sabah Ibrahim Khater; Ismail Ali; safaa Khater; Alaa Ahmed; Saydat abd el-megid

Radioiodination of Cefoperazone with 125I and its Biological Distribution in Mice

Volume 51, Issue 3, July 2018, Pages 62-68

Dina Moustafa El-Sharawy; sabah khater; marwa el refaay